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Suffering continually tripped breakers or flickering lights? The problem could be corroded or improperly installed wiring. Alternatively, an older home may even still have traditional knob and tube wiring. Replacing this kind of system with modern wiring is important for protecting the entire household. With our trusty Pottstown wiring and rewiring services here at Job Done Electrical, residents can feel truly secure.

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How Long Does It Take to Wire a House?

This is a common question asked by residents who require a wiring project since no one wants to be without power for long. However, the answer greatly depends on whether the wiring is being added from scratch into new construction, or if it is being rewired. Many homeowners are surprised to learn it is actually easier to install wiring from the ground up. Without all the furniture, drywall, insulation, and other extra materials, new wiring can take around 3 days. Rewiring a house, with all these additional components, can involve 4-6 days. 

Reasons for Knob & Tube Wiring Replacement

In the past, between 1880 to the late 1950s, many older homes used knob and tube wiring. The way these systems were designed was that copper wire was inserted into extensive wooden beams. Knobs and tubes made from porcelain allow the wires to string through the beams. However, since this wiring doesn’t have grounded wiring, it is a lot more hazardous and is completely impractical for modern, triple-pronged devices. 

Some of the main reasons that knob and tube wiring should be replaced include:

  • The wiring eventually frays from brittleness – Since these kinds of wire are often made of low-quality rubber or even cloth, it eventually shreds to pieces, which then exposes the wiring.
  • The two-prong systems are not capable of supporting modern devices – Most electrical appliances today plug into a grounded outlet with three prongs. Although it is technically possible to use adapters, these are far more likely to overburden the system, resulting in tripped circuits.
  • Knob and wiring tubing requires more maintenance – Because these old systems are more likely to trip breakers, blow fuses, or even spark an electrical fire, they also require more maintenance. Avoid the hassle by having these replaced before they cause a lot of damage.

Typical Lifespans of Wiring

Knowing the general lifespans of wiring is important because it will alert residents when they should have it replaced by experts. Generally, wiring is meant to last about 25-50 years. However, this greatly depends on the wiring’s sheathing. If it is coated with fabric, it will not last as long as the wiring is protected by plastic. Copper wiring also endures much better than aluminum wires. Our experts at Job Done Electrical can give more details about how to tell when wiring should be replaced.

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