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Seeing how gas prices are only continuing to rise, it is not surprising that so many residents across the country are turning to electrical vehicles. However, it can be difficult to find a public charging station nearby, which is why our team at Job Done Electrical installs personal chargers. 

Anyone living in Pottsgrove, Allentown, or the surrounding areas will greatly benefit from these cost-effective, convenient solutions. We are happy to answer questions about our EV charger services in Pottstown, so just reach out today.

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Where Should an EV Charger Be Installed?

An EV charger station should always be set up in the safest as well as the most convenient location – next to the parked car. If there was a wall next to the parking spot to mount the EV charger, this would be the most optimal. However, other locations can still work so long as the cables can easily extend without being stretched too far. There should also not be any obstacles nearby that might cause tripping, and metal objects should be at a safe distance to prevent shock. The good news is that EV chargers are created to be waterproof, which means that they can be safely set up outside despite exposure to rain or snow.

How Much Power Is Required to Supply Energy to EV Chargers?

Before any EV charger system can be installed, homeowners must consider the level of power the particular charger will require. All houses come with a designated amount of service charge. This may not be enough for the charge required by certain chargers, especially if the charger is very fast, or the home is on the older side. If the house does not supply enough power for the charger, it has more consequences than just being slow. The charger could become damaged, or even spark a fire. 

The typical wattages that are required for each kind of EV charger include:

  • 3kW of slow charging
  • 7kW for fast charging 
  • 22kW for ultra-rapid charging

Is Installing an EV Car Charger a Worthwhile Investment?

Understandably, some residents wonder whether a personal charger is worth the cost. Despite the initial expense, it is important to remember that an EV charger will save a lot of money in the long run. An electrical car already is more affordable than ever-increasingly expensive gas. But instead of having to pay for more costly public charging, residents can quickly charge at their own convenient ports. In certain areas, the government may even offer rebates for those who invest in EV chargers rather than traditional fuel. Speak with our technicians about which charger would meet your individual budget and energy needs. Our experts at Job Done Electrical can answer any queries related to our dedicated chargers and prompt installations.

For more details related to EV charger services in Pottstown, get in touch with our technicians at (484) 986-2151.

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