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Electrical systems, appliances, and devices have been around for many years, but updates are always around the corner. These advances in electrical technology today are all designed to increase ease and comfort for residents and their families. To learn more about Pottstown electrical upgrades that would optimize your household, reach out to us at Job Done Electrical. 

We can’t wait to make life more relaxed and enjoyable with our cutting-edge products. With experience since 2004, homeowners can trust us to do the job right from the very beginning.

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What Are the Benefits of LED Upgrades?

Although LED light upgrades were primarily designated for commercial properties in the past, they have consistently become the primary choice of the modern homeowner. Unlike traditional light bulbs, LEDs are so much more efficient, decreasing residents’ energy usage by up to 75%. In addition to reducing monthly electric bills, LEDs are more cost-effective since they last longer. Studies show that a typical LED can last at least 25 times longer than a traditional bulb. Because they do not produce intense amounts of heat, they are much safer for household members too.

On account of recent developments, homeowners can also enjoy a wide range of options in terms of LED style, shape, and colors. Past LEDs were associated with the harsh, white glare of manufacturing plants and warehouses. However, new LEDs come in a variety of warmth and brightness levels.

Kinds of Outlet Upgrades

Typically, every house comes with basic outlets to supply power to the appliances and devices in each room. These outlets include GFCIs (Ground fault circuit interrupters) and AFCIs (Arc fault circuit interrupters). Without these interrupters, people could be greatly harmed by accidental electrocution, which is why it is important to keep them in sound condition. However, there are other kinds of upgrades for outlets that can make things more comfortable and secure in the home.

Some of the types of outlet upgrades that advance convenience and household safety include:

  • TRRs (Tamper-resistant receptacles)
  • Outlet and wall switch combos 
  • Outlets with nightlights
  • Outlets with higher capacity amperage
  • Sockets for USB cords

Advances in Switch Technology

Another way to make life more convenient in the home is by investing in updated switches. These small but powerful components allow residents to control so many key functions in the house, from lighting to heating control. One of the most popular options would be sliding switches. Achieving the perfect ambiance, whether in terms of the room’s level of dimness or temperature has never been easier. It is even possible to add slide switches to operate the speed of fans or the volume of music in a room built with surround sound. The sky is the limit when it comes to increasing comfort and functionality with new switches, so get in touch with Job Done Electrical today.

For more info about our Pottstown electrical upgrades, reach out to our team now at (484) 986-2151.

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